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Coldplay Concert in Paris

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011
The alternative rock band Coldplay returns to Paris for his new tour in 2011. On 14 December, will be at the Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy, at 19:30.
Coldplay are a British band formed in London in 1998. With their first album Parachutes in 2000 become the new standard for pop-rock. Add to its success the album A Rush of Blood to the Head, X & Y and Viva La Vida in 2008.
Composed by the charismatic Chris Martin, singer and pianist, Guy Berryman, bassist, Jon Buckland, guitarist and Will Champion, drummer, the group is considered the most important pop-rock of the moment.
Back in 2011 with their new album Mylo Xyloto released on 24 October. This concert is one of the first of the tour! Be among the privileged and assists the English band’s concert in Paris.

The Cirque du Soleil – “Corteo”

Monday, November 7th, 2011
For 27 years now, The Cirque du soleil has been putting on the most spectacular and poetic circus acts of the time. The prestigious decors, top artists and polished set design have made The Cirque du Soleil internationally influential. This new show, Corteo, lives up to its reputation.
The show begins in a fun-fair atmosphere, where a clown evokes the subject of his own funeral. And so begins an interior journey that unfolds before the eyes of spectators, and which addresses the many facets of the clown: ridicule, tragedy, perfection, imperfection, strength and fragility. Each of his moods is illustrated by a circus act performed by a top class artist.

Whilst two acrobatic dancers show the equilibrium and the strength of the clown, a trampoline act (on beds!) reveals the childish nature of the person. As for his former love life, it is illustrated by spectacular aerial acrobatics on lights hanging several metres high. Twenty circus acts continue to punctuate this great interior journey. Corteo is also a scenographic and decorative performance. Rotating areas, a steel cable-car, a maze and huge curtains make up the scene of the show. Created by Jean Rabasse, the decor plunges the spectator into a lyrical and dreamlike world.


From November 4 2011 to December 18 2011



Cézanne and Paris

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
The Hotel Pulitzer Paris recommends “Cézanne and Paris
Cézanne did not only paint Provençal scenes. In the course of twenty trips to Paris, the artist learned a style of painting that he would continue to develop in Provence, attracting interest and praise from critics, art dealers and collectors. The 80 works in this exhibition provide insight into the southern painter’s time in Paris.
The first section describes his arrival in Paris, his training in the city and early paintings, taking a close look at his mastery of landscape painting and use of Impressionist techniques. It goes on to explore Cézanne’s nudes. Working at a time when erotic paintings were becoming increasingly popular, he experimented with new ways to portray female nudes and invented his particular pictorial representation of them.
Still lifes also make up a significant portion of Cézanne’s work, and the exhibition spotlights the way he creates space and depth of perspective, and his masterly use of colour and shapes in his depictions of objects as well as his portraits and erotic paintings.
Website :

10 Things to do in Paris during october!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

The Hotel Pulitzer Paris recommend some activities  during october in Paris…

1.Antiques Fair

From 1o-11 of october

antiquesJoin hundreds of antiques lovers at Paris’s Parc des Princes, where some 250 exhibitors sell furniture, silverware, artwork, jewellery and quality bric-a-brac. The fair, held four times a year, gives shoppers the chance to snap up a few bargains.









2. Art and the Environment (Free)

From 9 of september to octuber 11 

38544Paris’ annual modern art festival, @rt Outsiders, comes to the Maison Européenne de la Photographie. The festival explores issues relating to nature, science and technology. This year, the theme is Extreme Environments, both inhabitable and uninhabitable. 



3.Pariscience International Scientific Film Festival

From 7-11 of october

38052The Jardin des Plantes is the setting for the Pariscience International Scientific Film Festival. The annual event aims to promote the sciences through a series of screenings, workshops and debates.



4.The Butterfly Garden At The Parc Floral (free)

From may 12 to october 12

36476Kids will love the butterfly garden at Paris’ Parc Floral. From spring until autumn each year, visitors can flutter down to the garden and watch the insects’ progress as they burst forth from their chrysalises to become colourful butterflies.

Some 40 different species live at the park’s Jardin des Papillons and children can discover them all before letting off steam in the surrounding park.



5.Tasting Week – La Semaine du Goût

From 10-18 of october

33370Fish is not always in batter, chips do not grow on trees and hamburgers can never replace the joys of a good steak. Real food is the subject of Tasting Week, celebrated in France’s key towns and gastronomic regions.

During this fabulous gastronomic event, top chefs and cooks, farmers, writers and restaurateurs unite to bring good taste – and the rich French gastronomic tradition – to the French public all over the country. The Semaine du Goût brings a mass of foodie events to the whole of France, from dégustations (tastings) to cooking workshops, demonstrations and gourmet exhibitions.

Pleasure is the central theme, while vegetables such as asparagus and fruits like pomegranate are lauded for their sensual offering of taste and form.

The gastronomic education of children and young people is a priority. A determined team of some 3500 chefs is sent to French schools to initiate children into delicious and healthy cooking. Meanwhile, some 400 restaurants offer reduced price menus for students and special childrens’ menus are served at selected restaurants in Paris and the French regions.

A village atmosphere is created in an initiative entitled des repas entre voisins - meals with neighbours. Each household cooks a meal and places a table outside in the street, for everyone to discover the joys of home cooking and local dishes.

Each region celebrates the joys of local produce and recipes with markets, cooking demonstrations, workshops and festivals.

Please visit the Tasting Week website for further details of events taking place all over France.

6.Salon Baby

From 16-18 od october

33435Salon Baby sees over 150 exhibitors descend on Parc Floral de Paris every year, before moving on to Strasbourg, Lille and Nice. The touring fair presents the latest in baby products, healthcare, clothes and toys, furniture and decoration.

7.Salon du Chocolat

32596Salon du Chocolat, at Paris’ Porte de Versailles, is heaven for chocolate lovers. Devour delicacies and learn about the art behind this international ambrosia. Surprise, suprise, you won’t be alone at this fair, which draws thousands of visitors per day!

At this fabulous event, visitors can discover the latest in industry trends from a series of chocolate tastings, demonstrations and symposiums as well as witnessing douceurs and chocolatiers creating their fineries.

8.International Contemporary Art Fair

From 22-25 of october

32592Artists and collectors flock to Paris’ Grand Palais and Louvre for the International Contemporary Art Fair, one of the major dates on the global calendar. Buy an original painting, print or sculpture – what better memento of your visit?

Illustrious guests at recent fairs have included Micheline Szwajcer from Belgium, Waddington Galleries from the UK and Metro Pictures from the USA. The fair places an emphasis on the work of young, emerging artists, and stalls by newer galleries such as NW Projects London, Art & Public Geneva and Pepe Cobo Seville.

9.La Bastille Modern Art Fair

From october 27-01 of november

35171Over 500 exhibitors gather on Paris’ Place de La Bastille square for the Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain. Thousands of visitors browse the canvases, ceramics and installations on display. The theme for autumn 2009 is “La Foule” (the crowd).



10.Disney Halloween Festival

From october 03 to november 01

37244You’ll have to be brave if you go looking for Minnie and Mickey during the Halloween season at Disneyland® Paris – you might find yourself coming face-to-face with Cruella de Vil, Captain Hook or that naughty imp Stitch instead!

Children can be transformed into goblins and wizards with free Halloween makeovers, dress up in their creepiest costumes and head to the daily Halloween Show, in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

On 31 October itself, a scarily good fireworks display takes place as part of the special festivities.

Top 10 activities in Paris

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

The Grupo Regina Hoteles want to recommend 10 different things to do in Paris!

eiffel-tower 1.The Eiffel Tower – No list concerning Paris would be complete without a mention of The Eiffel Tower, and this holds true for a list of cultural activities, as well. Not only can you take a tour of the historic monument, but there are numerous other events held here as well.








nortedame2.Notre Dame de Paris – Perhaps one of the most notable Gothic style cathedrals of all time, Notre Dame de Paris is one of the city’s most notable attractions; and it is well-known for its annual Lent sermons, a tradition that has continued since the 1840s.






tour-de-france3.Tour de France – Although the starting point of the 3,500 kilometre race varies each year, and the race actually goes through several countries that border France, the ending point of the final stage is always in Paris; making this race one of the most popular activities in Parisian culture to date.




4.Palais Garnier – Parisians have always loved their opera and theatre, and they still do. And with the Palais Garnier, also known as the Opera de Paris, theatre patrons can enjoy classic ballets and opera performances in a historic, 2,200 seat venue that dates all the way back to 1875.





5.Stade de France – Every culture enjoys sporting events and activities, and Paris is no exception. The 80,000 seat venue was originally built in anticipation for the 1998 FIFA World Cup; and when France defeated Brazil to win the cup, France’s national stadium was instantly thrust into the spotlight as one of Paris’ most beloved attractions.





opera-bastille6.Opera Bastille – Originally designed to replace the Palais Garnier, which never came to fruition, the Opera Bastille has found its niche hosting shows and events with a more “modern” feel. And with 2,723 there is plenty of room for those who want to enjoy the cultural activities that are held here.








louvre-museum-picture7.The Louvre – The national museum of France, The Louvre is a significant landmark as it holds some of France’s most prolific pieces of history, including the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo statue. Because of this, touring The Louvre is one of the most popular cultural activities that the city of France has to offer.




rock-en-seine-paris8.Rock en Seine – Parisians like their live rock music, too – proof of this can be seen in the success of Rock en Seine, one of the many annual music festivals held in Paris, France. Since 2003 the multi-day festival has hosted many bands and concert-goers alike, quickly becoming one of the most popular cultural activities in the city.





disneyland_paris_france_original9.Disneyland Resort Paris – Disneyland wasn’t always a cultural attraction in Paris, but it certainly is now. In the Eastern suburbs of France, Disneyland Resort Paris has been operating since 1992 and it has remained one of Europe’s top tourist attractions ever since.








zenith10.Le Zenith – Another testament for their love of live music, Le Zenith is a shared name given to 15 venues located around France, the original of which was founded in Paris in 1983. Ever since then it has remained one of the most enjoyed cultural activities in Paris.