Searching for the Best Butter Croissant in Paris

The quest for the best butter croissant in Paris is a culinary adventure that never ends. With its golden layer and fluffy interior, everyone stepping into the French capital strives to find the perfect specimen. Here are some clues.

Everyone knows that Paris is the city of love, light, fashion, and, of course, delicious food. Honestly, Paris can be whatever it wants to be. Among the many culinary treasures the French capital has to offer, the butter croissant holds a special place in the hearts of Parisians and its visitors.

Every so often, a new spot in the city earns the accolade for the best croissant in town thanks to word of mouth. That's when the frenzy begins, and everyone wants to try this newly acclaimed delicacy. But beyond the new names, there are classic places where tradition reigns, and their product is always a guarantee of success. Like every morning at Hotel Pulitzer Paris, where guests are enticed by the aroma of coffee and freshly baked croissants for breakfast. It's the best way to start this quest early in the day, even from your bed; all you have to do is ask! Make your reservation here.

Before delving into the subject, let's clarify a very important point that not everyone is aware of. What requirements must a croissant meet to be considered perfect according to Parisians? It's simple. There are two key characteristics: the delicacy of its texture and the high-quality butter used in its preparation. The texture should be fluffy inside, with numerous thin layers and a crispy outer layer that crumbles upon touch. This balance between softness and crunch is essential for a quality croissant. Otherwise, any Parisian will tell you that what you have in your hand cannot be called a croissant. Additionally, the taste of the butter should be rich and delicious but not overwhelming.

The croissant has its roots in the 17th-century Viennese 'kipferl,' which made its way to Paris through Queen Marie Antoinette, who was Austrian. In Paris, the 'kipferl' evolved and transformed into the croissant, a pastry in the shape of a crescent moon. Over time, the croissant became an iconic symbol of French pastry and Parisian culture, especially as it gained popularity in the 19th century due to the influence of local bakers.

Du Pain et des Idées

This charming establishment on Canal Saint-Martin is renowned for its exceptional croissants. Their "escargot au pistache" is a delicious variation that combines the flavor of pistachio with butter.

34 Rue Yves Toudic

Le Grenier à Pain

Located in the heart of Montmartre, Le Grenier à Pain has won multiple awards for its croissant. Its crispy crust and tender crumb are unparalleled.

38 Rue des Abbesses


If you seek a unique experience, visit Poilâne, where they make their croissant with bread dough, giving it a distinctive flavor. Additionally, their butter bread is legendary.

8 Rue du Cherche-Midi

La Parisienne

This place, located in the center of Paris, is famous for its croissant, which combines a crispy layer with a delicate and fluffy interior.

21 Rue des Halles

Chez Meurien

Located in the 19th arrondissement, Chez Meunier is a bakery that prides itself on "offering high-quality organic bread, pioneering creations, and traditional craftsmanship, blending creativity and high standards," as stated on their website. They're not kidding; they won the award for the best croissant in the city in 2023.

185 rue de Crimée

La Boulangerie Moderne

Thierry Rabineau's pastry shop gained worldwide fame following the success of the Netflix series "Emily in Paris." Despite her preference for pain au chocolat, we recommend trying their delicious croissant.

18 Rue du Port

Carton Paris

A croissant is never enough at this beautiful and award-winning bakery in Paris. Since you'll want another, we recommend the almond one—it doesn't feel heavy for a second round.

6 Bd de Denain

Boulangerie au 140

Frédéric Comyn's butter croissants have already won several awards for their delicacy in baking, shape, appearance, lamination, texture, fondant, taste, and aroma. They have it all.

140 Rue de Belleville