The most photographed corners of Paris

It's impossible to visit Paris and not fill up your phone's camera roll until it's almost out of memory. To refine your aim, we propose some unique locations that aren't as commonly seen as the Eiffel Tower, which, of course, also needs to be included.

Forget about the queues for the usual photo; we're here to immerse ourselves in the hidden heart of the City of Light. Paris has hundreds of corners where you can capture that snapshot that will make you change your profile picture, but you have to know its streets to find the true secrets. And that's where we come in. So adjust your camera, activate your best filter, and join me on this alternative route that promises to elevate your Instagram feed to levels of true urban legend.

1. Canal Saint-Martin

Let the Seine River run its course without you and head for the Canal Saint-Martin. Here, the locks, iron bridges and leaning trees create a perfect setting for photos that exude a bohemian and romantic atmosphere. Find a café by the water and capture that serene moment with a coffee in hand.

2. Passage des Panoramas

One of the oldest covered passages in Paris, the Passage des Panoramas is a labyrinth of antique stores, restaurants and philately. The dim lighting and vintage window displays provide a unique backdrop, perfect for that nostalgic atmosphere that seeks to capture the essence of 19th century Paris.

3. The Coulée Verte René-Dumont

Before the High Line in New York became a hit, Paris already had its own elevated park, the Coulée Verte René-Dumont. This green walkway rises above the city streets, offering unique views and corners filled with plants and flowers.

4. Buttes-Chaumont

Buttes-Chaumont Park is a hidden treasure with its hills, waterfalls, and the charming Temple of the Sibyl. Climb up to this small temple inspired by ancient Rome to get one of the best panoramic views of Paris.

5. Rue Crémieux

If you are looking for color, Rue Crémieux will not disappoint. This residential street is lined with houses painted in pastel colors, with climbing plants and colorful doors that look like something out of a painter's palette.

6. Square Marcel-Bleustein-Blanchet

Hidden in Montmartre, this small park is an oasis of peace away from the crowds surrounding the Sacré-Cœur. With picturesque views of Parisian rooftops and corners filled with greenery, it's the perfect spot for photos seeking to capture a more serene and personal side of the city.

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