These covered passages in Paris hide great stories and we want to tell you all of them.

Beyond the glimmers of the Eiffel Tower and the bustle of the Champs-Élysées, in Paris lie architectural secrets that many overlook: the covered passages. But not us. These galleries, dating back to the 19th century, were not only the favorite promenade of Parisian nobility but continue to captivate those seeking to uncover this hidden part of the city.

At Pulitzer Paris, we are so sure that this is a unique experience that we want to invite you to explore these wonders with us through our Private Covered Passages Guided Tour experience. But first, let us tell you why these places are so special.

The Galerie Véro-Dodat: where classicism meets glamour

Our adventure begins at Place Colette, where, upon meeting our expert guide, you will embark on the first jewel of the day: the Galerie Véro-Dodat. This gallery is a neoclassical time capsule, where every gas lamp, wood paneling and marble floor still whispers stories of a bygone Paris. To stroll through this passage is to feel history beneath your feet as the light filters through the glass ceiling, creating a play of light and shadow that looks like something out of a novel.

Palais Royal: scandals and beauty at every turn

After being amazed by the Galerie Véro-Dodat, you'll delve into the scandalous history of the Palais Royal. This place, designed for the most libertine Parisian nobles by Philippe d'Orléans, is a feast for the senses. Its lush gardens, filled with brightly colored flowers and surrounded by elegant arcades, are an oasis of tranquility and sophistication in the middle of the city. Walking through here is like taking a walk through history, with each corner telling a different story

Galerie Vivienne and Passage Choiseul: a journey to the sweet heart of Paris

The tour continues to Galerie Vivienne and Passage Choiseul, where you will have the opportunity to explore the sweeter side of Parisian history. Passing through Napoleon's former stock exchange, you will discover a candy store with connections to Marie Antoinette. Can you imagine savoring a little piece of history while indulging in sweets that are works of art in themselves?

Passage des Panoramas and Passage Jouffroy: an encounter with the past

Passage des Panoramas will offer you a cozy glimpse into the Parisian past, with its stamp shops, bistros, and unparalleled charm. Equally fascinating is Passage Jouffroy, where unique storefronts, a tea room, and the Hotel Chopin will transport you to an era when the composer shared moments with a special French lady. These places are living testimonies of history, culture, and Parisian life throughout the centuries.

A unique experience

This Private Covered Passages Guided Tour is more than just a simple stroll; it's a doorway to a hidden Paris, far from the usual tourist spots. Through exciting anecdotes about the famous protagonists of these passages and the sophistication and tranquil charms of the Palais Royal gardens, we promise you an unforgettable adventure.


From Hotel Pulitzer, we eagerly await your arrival to explore the city's best-kept secrets together. Reserve your spot and get ready to fall in love with Paris in an entirely new way!