Oh la lá! The best museums and monuments for free in Paris

This tour of the best free museums and monuments in Paris proves that beauty and culture are accessible to everyone.

"Paris is well worth a mass," that's something we all agree on. However, the City of Light doesn't always have to be as expensive as the general perception suggests. In a city loaded with culture, art, and beauty, there are also essential plans that won't cost us a single euro. Today, we provide you with locations that don't charge anything for access despite housing treasures of incalculable value.

From the Pulitzer Paris hotel, a strategic point to explore the most visited places in the Parisian capital, we suggest a tour where you won't have to dip into your pocket; quite the opposite. So, after returning from an intense day of tourism, you can treat yourself to a good Parisian "apéro" without any regrets in the hotel's lush courtyard. Let's get started!

City of Paris Museum of Fine Arts: an artistic feast for zero euros

We immerse ourselves in classical art at the City of Paris Museum of Fine Arts, where sculptures and paintings tell us stories from their stillness. This cultural treasure houses masterpieces that have withstood the test of time, from the majesty of Delacroix to the grace of Rodin. Did you know that this museum attracts more visitors each year than the Eiffel Tower itself?

Museum of Romantic Life: a charming and little-known corner

Changing the tone, we head to the Museum of Romantic Life, a charming corner that transports us to 19th-century Paris. In this intimate space, we discover the lives of romantic artists and writers who left their mark on the city. Strolling through its gardens is like stepping into a Balzac novel, and the entry is free! Want to connect with the bohemian soul of Paris? This is the place for you.

Bourdelle Museum and Balzac House: between sculptures and words

Sculptures coming to life and the words of a literary genius? The Bourdelle Museum immerses us in the sculptural universe of Antoine Bourdelle, a place where marble comes to life, and forms dance in harmony. Meanwhile, Balzac House invites us into the world of literature, providing a unique glimpse into the life of the writer in his Parisian refuge. Two fascinating experiences, both free of charge!

City of Paris Museum of Modern Art: colors and avant-garde

Our journey takes us to the Museum of Modern Art, a vibrant tribute to contemporary creativity. From explosive canvases to installations that defy perception, this museum immerses us in the most avant-garde artistic expression. A fun fact: an improvised artistic performance is held in its vicinity every day. Want to find out which one awaits you?

Notre-Dame: beyond the gargoyles

Although Notre-Dame is known for its gargoyles and imposing Gothic architecture, few are aware that entry to this cathedral is free. Walking through its halls is a journey through time, where Gothic art and spirituality intertwine. Don't forget to look up and let yourself be captivated by the grandeur of its stained glass windows!

Carnavalet Museum: a journey through the history of Paris

We travel through time to the Carnavalet Museum, a treasure that immerses us in the history of Paris. From the French Revolution to the Belle Époque, this museum provides a unique perspective on the key moments that have shaped the identity of the city. Can you imagine walking through the streets of Paris during the time of Marie Antoinette?

Père Lachaise Cemetery: among illustrious graves

A peculiar yet meaningful destination is the Père Lachaise Cemetery, where the graves of notable figures like Jim Morrison and Edith Piaf become cultural landmarks. Strolling through its pathways is like traversing the pages of Parisian history. Death in Paris is also a tribute to life.

Maison de Victor Hugo: in the writer's refuge

Venturing into his literary universe, we visit La Maison de Victor Hugo, the home of the genius behind "Les Misérables." This space provides an intimate insight into the author's life and creative process. Hugo wrote a significant portion of his masterpiece in this house, with Paris as a highly inspiring backdrop.

Basilique du Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre: panoramic views without a price

We conclude our journey at the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur, a jewel atop Montmartre. Beyond its spirituality, this place offers unparalleled panoramic views of Paris. Keep an eye out for the spontaneous artistic gatherings that turn this space into an open-air museum.