24 Hours in Paris: a boulangerie, a café, a bistro and a hotel

It may seem like a few hours, but a full day in Paris is a long day. Especially if you're going for the long haul. To make sure you don't waste any time, we've selected a boulangerie for the morning, a café for lunch, a bistro for dinner and a hotel for your best night's stay.

The important thing in Paris is to have a good rhythm, something you'll discover when you see the Parisian way of life. If they know how to live this well, and with this carefree air, it's because they know exactly where to go at any given time of day. Because we know we all like to pass for locals when we travel the world, we invite you to explore four places that capture the essence of Parisian cuisine and the city's atmosphere between sightseeing and sightseeing. All in the heart of the city, an area where you'll have everything you need for this 24-hour express getaway.


In the morning: No one can resist a sweet treat from a 'boulangerie'

And especially not in Paris, the pastry paradise. After arriving in the French capital, the first thing you'll want to do is sample its exquisite cuisine, and to do so in style, there's nothing better than choosing the master pastry chef and chocolatier Pierre Hermé, the most acclaimed in France and recognized worldwide. His culinary wonders can be found in many locations throughout the city, but we recommend the boulangerie in the Opéra neighborhood, where our itinerary will begin.

This famous pastry chef's ability to innovate formats while preserving tradition has catapulted him to the top. Hermé is responsible for the evolution of pastry thanks to famous treats like the '2000 Feuilles,' our recommendation. Crispy caramelized puff pastry and praline to start your day off right.

Address: Pierre Hermé, 39 avenue de l'Opéra

After lunch: the best coffee is enjoyed in Paris

At least that's what many Parisians say. What's clear is that coffee is a cultural institution here, and it's highly valued. So much so that local coffee shops are increasingly competing in terms of their spectacular offerings. One local chain that has been making waves is the ultra-modern Café Nuances.

We'll make a stop near Place Vendome, on Danielle Casanova Street. There, behind a beautiful Parisian Art Deco façade, you'll find the most futuristic and surprising interior for a specialty coffee shop. Behind its design is the multidisciplinary collective Uchronia, reason enough for a visit. But in addition, the coffee is absolutely delicious. Take it to go, please!

Address: Café Nuances, 25 Rue Danielle Casanova

Before dinner: it's time for 'apéro'

The 'apéro' is a tradition for Parisians. It involves sipping wine and nibbling on snacks before one of the day's main meals, whether it's lunch or dinner. It's a perfect moment to unwind while stimulating the appetite, a practice the French indulge in at least once a week.

In Paris, you'll find an abundance of bars and terraces where you can partake in this custom, but if we have to recommend one today, it would be Pulitzer Paris. In the bar of our beautiful hotel. You can also enjoy it in our secret patio. Don't miss our menu in our "Experiences" page.

Address: Pulitzer París, 23 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre

After 'apéro': dinner in an authentic bistro

We're in Paris, so let's embrace its customs. Tradition here dictates that for dinner, nothing beats a good bistro. At Les Marches, next to the Palais de Tokyo, you'll find delicious French cuisine in an environment that embodies all the basics of 'made in France' aesthetics: from checkered tablecloths to décor that has weathered the years without losing its charm, with the patina of time as the protagonist.

Choose a good wine to accompany the entrecote, the star of the house, and their delicate tarte tatin, another classic of French cuisine.

Address: Les Marches, 5 Rue de la Manutention, Paris

Nighttime: a hotel to continue dreaming of Paris

We return to the Opera district to end the day at the Pulitzer Paris hotel. After a busy day, choosing your accommodation well in a city that never stops moving is essential, and when you enter Pulitzer Paris, time stands still. Enjoy one of their 44 character-filled rooms in a building full of charming corners.

You'll be awakened by natural light to bid farewell to this express visit to the French capital. But before you leave, savor a delicious Parisian breakfast from 07:00 to 11:00. The selection of local bread, French cheeses, and charcuterie will tempt you to linger a few more hours. And if you prefer breakfast in bed, just ask!

Address: Pulitzer París, 23 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre

Have a safe journey back!