Shall we meet at Le Patio? This is the Parisian meeting place where you can eat at any time of the day.

Open all day and with a menu to suit all tastes. This is Le Patio, the place that becomes the ideal spot to enjoy the most authentic Paris with a plate in front of you (and a glass in hand).


Parisians have a special relationship with food; it’s not just about eating well, but about celebrating life through flavors, aromas, and textures. Meals in Paris are often prolonged experiences that invite conversation and contemplation, whether it’s a quiet breakfast on a sunny terrace or a sophisticated dinner by candlelight. Meal times are respected with devotion, with a light breakfast in the morning, a lunch that can extend well into the afternoon, and a dinner that is a true social event.

One of the most emblematic and beloved traditions of Parisian gastronomy is the "apéro." The apéro, short for "apéritif," is a moment of calm and socialization that takes place before dinner, where friends and family gather to enjoy drinks and small tapas. This ritual is a celebration of everyday life, a break from the daily hustle, and usually includes a variety of beverages such as wine, champagne, or cocktails, accompanied by olives, cheeses, cured meats, and other light appetizers.

In this context, the gastronomic space Le Patio, located in the lobby of Pulitzer Paris, emerges as the perfect place to take a break between visits. Open at all hours, Le Patio offers a unique culinary experience for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or the very Parisian apéro.

Le Patio: A Meeting Place

Le Patio is much more than a restaurant; it is a meeting point for both Parisians and travelers from around the world. Its cozy atmosphere, adorned with artistic eclecticism that reflects the vibrant culture of the city, makes it a key spot in the Opera district. Here, guests can enjoy the company of friends, other travelers, or simply themselves. With a glass of wine in hand and relaxed to the rhythm of jazz, Le Patio offers an ideal environment to unwind and immerse oneself in a complete sensory experience.

A culinary offering to suit all tastes

The menu at Le Patio is designed to satisfy all tastes and preferences, from light tapas to hearty main courses and desserts that will brighten your day. Among the tapas options, highlights include the Pulitzer Croquettes, homemade with Iberian ham, and the Hummus with olive oil and baguette, perfect for sharing. The Burrata with homemade pesto and confit tomato is a must-try for lovers of fresh and creamy flavors.

For those seeking a more complete meal, the Pulitzer’s Cheeseburger with a 150-gram steak, bacon, and tomme Vully cheese is a classic option with a gourmet touch. The most discerning palates can enjoy the Boeuf Bourguignon, a traditional French dish of beef marinated for 24 hours and accompanied by vegetables.

Sweet Temptations

No visit to Le Patio would be complete without trying their exquisite desserts. The Chocolate Cake served with ice cream and hazelnuts is a delight for chocolate lovers. The Profiterole with chocolate, hazelnuts, and ice cream is another option that promises a sweet and satisfying end to any meal. The classic Crème Brûlée, with its caramelized surface and smooth, creamy interior, is the perfect way to culminate your experience at this meeting place.


Open when you need it

Le Patio adapts to different times of the day, offering varied options from breakfast to dinner. Breakfast can be as simple yet delicious as the Parisian Express, featuring a viennoiserie or tartine, hot beverage, and fruit juice. For a more comprehensive start, the Pulitzer Buffet includes a buffet spread, hot beverage, homemade juice, and a plate of eggs with accompanying sides.

Throughout the day, visitors can enjoy a Crispy Caesar Salad or a Beef Fillet with salad and pepper sauce. And, of course, the quintessential Parisian apéro couldn't be missing—a tradition that invites relaxation with drinks and tapas at the end of the day.

Connecting with the Essence of Paris

Le Patio is a space where visitors can connect with the essence of Paris through food and cocktails. Whether reading a book from the hotel library, engaging in lively conversation, or simply watching life go by from the lobby, Le Patio is as authentic as its menu. Welcome and bon appétit!