The keys to Parisian style in decoration according to Pulitzer Paris

Throughout the different spaces of the Pulitzer Paris hotel, it's possible to highlight each of the keys that make Parisian Art Deco style great. Lázaro Rosa Violán has applied the commandments of this unique savoir-faire.

What does Paris have to conquer as it does? The answer can be summed up in one resounding word: style. A style that Parisians have known how to maintain, export, and showcase to the world over the years. Parisian style in decoration is synonymous with timeless elegance, sophistication, and an innate sense of good taste. From the Haussmann apartments to the modern lofts of the Marais, it has known how to reinvent itself without losing an ounce of its essence.


The Pulitzer Paris Hotel, located in the heart of the 9th district, in the Faubourg Montmartre neighborhood, is a clear example of this style, and to embody the essence of Parisian charm, they relied on an expert hand for its renovation: the brilliant Lázaro Rosa Violán. With his gentle yet always accurate touch, he has shaped a space that breathes Paris from every angle and serves us to summarize the keys of this savoir-faire that the rest of the world looks upon with some envy:

1. Effortless elegance

Elegance in Paris seems achieved almost effortlessly, as if everything has always been there. This apparent simplicity is the result of a careful selection of elements and meticulous attention to detail. The key lies in combining classic pieces with modern touches, creating a balanced and harmonious environment. At the Pulitzer Paris Hotel , this combination is reflected in every corner, where antique furniture blends with contemporary pieces, resulting in spaces that are both cozy and sophisticated.

2. Neutral colors with bold accents

The color palette in Parisian decoration tends to be quite neutral, dominated by whites, grays, and beiges. These colors create a perfect canvas upon which to add touches of color through accessories and artwork. A sofa in neutral tones can be accompanied by vibrant cushions or a white wall can be transformed with a colorful piece of art. Each of the 44 hotel rooms enjoys a carefully crafted and elegant decoration, bathed in natural light, where touches of color bring dynamism and personality to the space without sacrificing elegance.

3. Blend of styles

One of the keys to Parisian style is the ability to blend different styles and eras without the result appearing forced. Period furniture, such as Louis XV chairs, can coexist with modern lamps and contemporary artwork. This blend creates a sense of evolution and continuity, where each piece has its own story and contributes to the narrative of the space. Lázaro Rosa-Violán has been very meticulous in combining Parisian charm with contemporary touches in the various areas of the hotel.

4. Architectural details

Parisian apartments are famous for their architectural details: high ceilings, moldings, marble fireplaces, and large windows. These elements bring character and a sense of grandeur to any room. In Parisian decoration, the aim is to highlight these details rather than conceal them. Moldings are painted in contrasting colors to make them stand out, and fireplaces are adorned with antique mirrors or artwork, turning them into focal points of the space.

5. Lighting

Lighting is another crucial aspect of Parisian decoration. Chandeliers, wall sconces, and table lamps play an important role. Lighting is not only functional but also contributes to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Chandeliers bring a touch of glamour, while table lamps and wall sconces add soft and ambient lighting. At the Pulitzer Paris Hotel, the play of light in the patio creates an idyllic atmosphere both in winter and summer, making this space an oasis in the heart of the city.

6. Art and books

Parisians have a deep relationship with art, and this is reflected in their homes. Walls are adorned with paintings, photographs, and artworks, creating personal galleries. Additionally, books are an important decorative element. Bookshelves filled with books not only add color and texture but also reflect the interests and personality of the inhabitants.

7. Personal touches

Finally, Parisian style is defined by personal touches. Unlike more rigid decorating styles, Parisian style allows and encourages customization. Travel mementos, inherited pieces, and personal objects are integrated into the decor, making each space unique and reflecting the life and history of its inhabitants. This philosophy is at the heart of the Pulitzer Paris Hotel, where personalized details and Lázaro Rosa-Violán's unique design create an unforgettable experience for every guest.