Banlieues Bleues Paris Jazz Festival


If you like Jazz this is a great opportunity to enjoy one of the most attractive cities of the world and the music of the most representative talents and jazz contemporaneous proposals of the moment.


“The 2013 Banlieue Bleues Jazz Festival is on from April 5th-26th and features a full roster of performances from fresh and established artists from around the globe, including the Surnatural Orchestra and the Magnetic Ensemble, Orlando Julius and the Heliocentrics, and Afro-Cuban ensemble Juan de Marcos.”


You can discover the whole program at http://www.banlieuesbleues.org/ or even reserve your tickets now via email writing to bb@banlieuesblues.org or calling to +33 (0)1 49 22 10 10.  (Reservations are highly recommended as shows sell out fast.)


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