The Cirque du Soleil – “Corteo”

For 27 years now, The Cirque du soleil has been putting on the most spectacular and poetic circus acts of the time. The prestigious decors, top artists and polished set design have made The Cirque du Soleil internationally influential. This new show, Corteo, lives up to its reputation.
The show begins in a fun-fair atmosphere, where a clown evokes the subject of his own funeral. And so begins an interior journey that unfolds before the eyes of spectators, and which addresses the many facets of the clown: ridicule, tragedy, perfection, imperfection, strength and fragility. Each of his moods is illustrated by a circus act performed by a top class artist.

Whilst two acrobatic dancers show the equilibrium and the strength of the clown, a trampoline act (on beds!) reveals the childish nature of the person. As for his former love life, it is illustrated by spectacular aerial acrobatics on lights hanging several metres high. Twenty circus acts continue to punctuate this great interior journey. Corteo is also a scenographic and decorative performance. Rotating areas, a steel cable-car, a maze and huge curtains make up the scene of the show. Created by Jean Rabasse, the decor plunges the spectator into a lyrical and dreamlike world.


From November 4 2011 to December 18 2011



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